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sisal wheel

Hardened cloth wheel

White cloth wheel

folding wheels

solid wax

liquid wax


Manual polishing

Manual polishing machine polishing, polishing wheel customized according to product.

Automatic polishing machine polishing

Choose polishing wheels of different materials according to different polishing effects.

Robotic large diameter polishing wheel

Polishing cloth wheels of 500MM-1000MM can be made according to requirements.


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January 19,2024

metal products and processing, automobile and transportation equipment manufacturing, furniture production, bathroom products and accessories, piano and musical instrument manufacturing, medical equipment, watch industry, 3C products and other industries

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December 5,2023

The polishing cloth wheel is a polishing wheel made of various cloths and sisal. We mainly produce high-quality polishing wheels, including various polishing wheels, polishing cloth wheels, sisal polishing wheels, polishing white cloth wheels, edge bandin

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