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What are the performance characteristics of the structure of the polishing machine

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Update time : 2022-12-12 09:31:07
Automatic polishing has gradually become the mainstream of polishing processing, but many enterprises and individuals with practical automatic polishing equipment do not know enough about the machinery itself, resulting in improper mechanical operation and frequent failures, which has a lot to do with the disconnection in the process of processing operation to mechanical operation transformation in the process of industry transformation.

Polishing table: automatic polishing equipment has a table for polishing products, round, square, with fixtures, all kinds, mainly according to the polishing product for setting, the workbench is mainly used to fix the product, drive the product to polish, to ensure that the surface of the product needs to be polished part can be polished, such as cylindrical side polishing, we need to design automatic rotating table and fixture, to ensure the side five dead angle polishing.

Polishing consumables: spindle fixed polishing wheel, manual machinery also has this part, is the main configuration of polishing, automatic polishing when spindle downward pressure contact polishing products through physical grinding form to make the workpiece achieve surface smooth effect, some automation higher equipment is also equipped with automatic compensation device, when polishing consumables in the polishing process due to long-term grinding consumption will gradually wear, this device can automatically compensate so that the consumables always maintain the distance from the polished workpiece.

Motor: divided into main motor and servo motor, the main motor is used to drive the spindle rotation, polishing wheel rotation main force, generally we think that the higher the speed of the polishing wheel, the better the polishing effect, in fact, not quite, the current automatic polishing equipment mainly uses 7.5kw, 11kw type motor, basically meet most of the polishing requirements.

Commonly used automatic polishing machine functions and features, automatic polishing machine specially for steel, aluminum copper and other metal products appearance and pipe effect processing, dozens of original accessories to meet different needs, easy to produce a variety of precision different precision snow markings, brushed lines, wave patterns, matte surface, mirror surface, etc., quickly repair deep scratches and fine scratches, rapid grinding and polishing, welds, water mouth marks, trace oxide film, smudges and paints, etc., suitable for deburring, forming rounded corners, decorative metal processing, It will not form shadows during processing, and the transition zone and decoration surface are uneven, etc., which is the main equipment of the finished metal production line.

Polishing machine is suitable for the following occupations: hardware (metal) materials and finished aluminum profiles and their finished products, stainless steel finished products and utensils, copper profiles and finished products, plumbing and sanitary equipment, locks, lighting products, signage nameplates, hardware craft jewelry, knives and scissors, door leaves, car bicycle spare parts, tableware, buckle finished products, buttons, belt buckles, mobile phone shells, watch industry and other workpieces sanding and wire drawing.
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