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Plane polishing machine advantages and what is the workpiece polishing plane like

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Update time : 2022-12-10 09:30:46
 Advantages of flat polishing machine:.

Advantage 1: Simple operation and high operating efficiency, can perfectly solve many polishing operations in a short time, and the operation is carried out in a fully automatic state, does not require too much manpower operation, saves money, time and worry.

Advantage two: the manufacturing materials of the plane polishing machine are highly wear-resistant, that is, the quality is very excellent, the service life is very long and there will be no various problems, and the operation time is very convenient.

Advantage three: the polishing machine produced by it is very strict in operation, and the safety function is paid great attention to in the manufacturing process to ensure that it can be polished well when grinding materials, will not be easy to wear, and save consumables and plan reasonably.

Advantage four: No matter how large the rough embryo, under the action of the polishing machine will not affect its original size, so whether it is shape or size, there is no change at all in the later stage of polishing.

These are the detailed advantages of the gold casting production of the plane polishing machine, precisely because of these advantages let many factories choose, its application range is also very wide, because the polishing machine demand is good quality, powerful function and safe and easy to operate, in the process of use of course also pay attention to maintenance, pay attention to whether there is an abnormal condition, but also need to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance in the production process.

The polishing plane of the surface grinding machine workpiece is generally stopped after polishing, when the surface is polished manually, the polish is applied to the polishing plate, holding the workpiece for linear reciprocating motion or "figure 8 movement, after polishing for a certain period of time, the workpiece is turned 90 ° ~ 180 ° to prevent the workpiece from tilting.

In the process of using a plane polishing machine to process the workpiece, why use chromium oxide as an abrasive abrasive to coat the surface of the research tool, because the research tool and the workpiece are soft, so the abrasive is suspended between the workpiece and the research tool during the polishing process, and the chemical interaction between the surface of the plane polishing machine and the workpiece is mainly applied.

Produce a very soft layer of oxide film, the film at the bump is easy to be abrasively grinded off, this method can obtain a very fine surface roughness, can process a variety of steel, hardened steel, cast iron, copper aluminum and its alloys, cemented carbide, ceramics, glass and some plastic products.

The workpiece of the plane polishing machine is in random contact with the research tools, the high points are trimmed with each other, the error is gradually reduced, the accuracy is improved at the same time, the workpiece can be detected, the polishing position can be changed in a targeted manner and the grinding time can be controlled to ensure the accuracy of size and shape, and the processing quality is reliable.
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