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The role of polishing machine and how to improve polishing quality

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Update time : 2022-12-09 08:42:44
 Polishing machine is mainly to grind and polish the surface of the object, grinding solder joints, surface roughness, mirror polishing and other treatments, widely used in machine tools, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding manufacturing, furniture and other industries, often see that there are many things are very rough, so let us look not very beautiful, not very attractive, so we can process the surface of such things, any surface is smooth,".

Polishing machine is a kind of electric tool, polishing machine is composed of base, throwing plate, polishing fabric, polishing cover and cover and other basic components, the motor is fixed on the base, the cone sleeve used to fix the polishing disc is connected to the motor shaft by screws, the polishing fabric is fastened on the polishing disk by ferrule, the motor is connected to the power supply through the switch on the base after starting, and the specimen can be polished by hand to apply pressure on the rotating polishing disc, The polishing liquid added during the polishing process flows into the square disc placed next to the polishing machine through a drain pipe in a plastic disc fixed to the base.

(1) According to the power source there are pneumatic and electric, pneumatic type is safer, but need a gas source, electric type is easy to solve the power supply problem, but must pay attention to electricity safety.

(2) According to the function, there are two kinds of dual-function industrial sanding / polishing machine and simple polishing machine, dual-function industrial sanding and polishing machine can be installed on the grinding wheel to polish metal materials, and can be replaced with the polishing disc to do car paint burial, this machine is heavier, 2-3kg, but the work is very stable, not easy to damage, the speed of this model can be adjusted, suitable for professional beauty care personnel, the simple polishing machine is actually a drilling machine, small size, the speed is not adjustable, it is difficult to master the balance when using, These models are generally not used by professional beauty care professionals.

When polishing on a hard surface, pay attention to the uneven ground, the ground slope value 2, clean the machine frequently, especially the wax dust on the chassis, to prevent precipitation, pay attention to whether there are debris or yarn entanglement under the polishing pad, so that the resistance of the motor increases, the sound increases, resulting in the belt breakage, avoid the wire being rolled, pulled, bent or worn, and damaged by heat, grease and sharp objects, the polishing machine is polished at high speed, it is forbidden to polish on wood or plastic PVC.

What kind of polishing accessories, the factors that affect the polishing effect are: polishing materials, polishing accessories, process arrangement, different materials, different processes, which is a disadvantage of the automatic polishing machine, but also represents the great potential of the automatic polishing machine, usually for many years of automatic polishing work master.
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