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How to select the polishing disc in the operation process of the mold polishing machine

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Update time : 2022-12-08 08:59:00
 The mold polishing steps are as follows:

First, considering the processing efficiency, we must first confirm the roughness of the polished mold surface, the process must be carried out carefully without mistakes, and confirm the polishing process of the mold according to the roughness of the mold.

Polishing oil stone polishing method, the process is difficult to operate, according to the different specifications of the mold, respectively about 70 degrees of angle balanced cross polishing, the ideal round trip range is about 30 mm ~ 60 mm, oil stone operation will also change according to the material of the polishing mold.

Second, after the completion of the oil stone operation, the sandpaper polishing begins, and the polishing process should pay attention to the rounded edges, rounded corners and orange peel of the mold edge, so the oil stone process should be finely processed as much as possible.

The focus of sandpaper polishing, sandpaper with harder wooden rod like oil stone operation about 70 degrees angle cross grinding, one side of sandpaper grinding times about 10 times ~ 15 times, if the grinding time is too long, the grinding force of sandpaper will be reduced, which will lead to uneven phenomenon on the surface of the mold, sandpaper operation is generally used bamboo sheet for grinding, the actual use of material elasticity of small wooden rod or low hardness aluminum rod about 45 degrees angle for grinding is more ideal, grinding surface can not use rubber or high elasticity material, Shapes that cannot be ground at a 45-degree angle can be used at an acute angle, and there are many types of sandpaper, and it is important to choose the appropriate one.

The polishing machine is equipped with a polishing disc, there are many styles of polishing discs on the market, how to choose.

1, the wool disc has excellent cutting force, there are two kinds of long hair and short hair, the advantage of long hair is that it can achieve a better finish, that is, the polishing effect is better than short hair, the advantage of short hair is relatively easy to manage, and long hair is easy to knot.

2. The soft and hard materials of the sponge board are very different, and the application range is wide, durable and easy to care.

There are too many sponge discs on the market, but most of them are only through the shape and pattern of the disk to attract attention, we recommend not to be confused by the surface of the article, such as the disc pattern is diamond or hexagonal, flat or floating, only consider two elements, one is the hardness of the sponge, determines the cutting force, the other is the basic shape and thickness of the disk, affecting the stability of control, and then affecting the structure and effect, various models can be matched with sponge disk, but the effect is not the same.
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