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Product Grinding Line
18K Light Stainless Steel Sheet Polishing Machine
A.equipment technical data:
1、Suitable for:stainless steel plate/roll.
2、quality of material:2B,BA sheet series,inport stainless steel sheet/roll.
3、thickness of sheet/roll;0.4—2.0mm ;
4、width of sheet/roll:maximum 700mm
一、end product parameter:mirr
Customized polishing machine
Customized special machines according to the products provided by customers.
Stainless steel tableware (spoon, fork, knife) automatic polishing machine
Different spoons, forks, and knives can be produced using this assembly line, but the equipment configuration and the use of consumables will be different.
If you want to know more about the solution of tableware automatic assembly line production, pleas
Hinge polishing pipeline scheme
Hinge polishing assembly line scheme: according to different hinge shapes and effect requirements. From machine selection to the use of consumables.