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The automatic polishing machine successfully replaces the influence of labor and humidity on polishing

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Update time : 2022-12-14 09:08:55
Automatic polishing machine is composed of base, polishing head, workbench, protective cover / cover, hydraulic system, electronic control system, auxiliary fixture and other basic component bases, is on the basis of ordinary polishing machine improvement and innovation unfolded, suitable for the use of relatively large output of factories, and traditional workers grinding is limited, automatic polishing machine in the grinding time has certain advantages.

Workers: The grinding wheel is fixed and rotates, and the grinding effect of each workpiece is different, resulting in many workpieces being unqualified, and more importantly, each person can only grind one workpiece at a time.

Automatic polishing machine: grinding wheel fixed rotation, grinding parts out of shape grinding, two workpieces synchronous grinding, can set the grinding time, strict control to almost each workpiece external elements are the same, workpiece grinding stability, high pass rate.

Worker: encounter a special position to chamfer grinding, manual angle adjustment can only rely on experience to compensate, but can not be accurate to a few degrees, as for those experience is not enough how to chamfer and polish, so the qualification rate is low, high loss, automatic polishing machine: vertical 0 ° -45 ° stepless angle grinding , a machine multi-purpose, more investment-saving.

Automatic polishing machine polishing, grinding and polishing disc specimen should be absolutely parallel and quietly pressed on the polishing disk, pay attention to avoid the specimen flying out, due to excessive pressure and new symbols, but also should make the sample rotate and move back and forth in the direction of the radius of rotation, to avoid the polishing fabric part wear too fast, in the polishing process to continuously increase the powder suspension, polishing fabric to maintain a certain humidity.

Automatic polishing machine polishing time should remove scratches longer than the required time, due to the simultaneous removal of the deformation layer, in the rough grinding lubrication, but dull, microscope under the uniform, is precision grinding, precision polishing turntable speed can be appropriately progressed, polishing time to remove the damage layer coarse polishing is appropriate, through precision grinding polishing bright as a mirror, see not grasp in the brightfield microscope conditions, but the opposite lighting conditions still see the mark.

Automatic polishing machine humidity too large wear down polishing, in the hard phase specimen presents convex and non-metallic inclusions of steel and cast iron graphite has a tail scene, humidity is too small, frictional heat will make the temperature of the sample, drop lubrication, grinding surface tarnishing, and even point, light alloy flip wound, in order to achieve the intention of rough polishing, the turntable speed is required to be low, preferably not to exceed 500r/min.
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