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Automatic polishing machine motor appears noisy sound reasons before buying to do so

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Update time : 2022-12-15 09:00:54
Many customers feedback that the automatic polishing machine is used to present a very intense noise, not the sound at normal times, the sound is very loud and sharp, when this situation occurs, it is generally the automatic polishing machine equipment has a problem, usually the following three factors:.

1, three-phase power supply abort, most of the switch or wire package disconnected, at this time should find a professional electrician to repair, do not try without authorization, there is a risk of electric shock.

2, the automatic polishing machine is too long to shelve, the bearing rust or rust death causes the motor to roll normally, the solution: cut off the power supply, first roll the polishing disc by hand, and then turn on the power supply, still can not roll, should replace the bearing.

3, touch the motor with your hands, feel tricky, it is possible that the motor is broken, and the motor should be replaced.

4, the polishing machine is particularly loud when working, often accompanied by noise, the polishing disc trembles slightly, usually the bearing is broken, and it needs to be replaced.

Many customers in the receipt of a relatively large product appearance polishing order, on the rush to buy automatic polishing machine equipment, if the manufacturer has the stock will directly pay to pull the goods, this seemingly efficient behavior often causes the production to not operate normally.

Because each manufacturer's automatic polishing machine equipment, its structural characteristics, operation process are different, if directly put into production without doing any equipment operation training, may sometimes present some very simple problems on the phone to inform the operator can start to deal with, but if the equipment is not familiar, there is no way to start, so to report the manufacturer's after-sales service, although each automatic polishing machine consumer manufacturers provide door-to-door maintenance services, but counting the accessories purchase, back and forth driving and other factors, If the interval is relatively far, this time is generally about 3-5 days, this period of delay in the production task pressure will be very large, in case the maintenance master leaves, due to the equipment operation is not familiar with the formation of equipment damage, then the gain and loss are comparable.

Therefore, no matter how urgent your order is and how short of personnel, be sure to bring a quantitative sample and send 1-2 operators to the automatic polishing machine manufacturer to receive preliminary operation training, so as to be proficient in controlling the basic operation of the equipment, and simple fault troubleshooting, so as to provide good and stable efficiency for the smooth production in the later stage.
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