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Fully automatic polishing machine with manual difference and deburring polishing attention

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Update time : 2022-12-23 08:48:36
Many metal products must be according to polishing production and processing to improve the surface appearance, along with the automation technology of manufacturing, at this stage many companies slowly choose automatic polishing machine instead of manual polishing, what are the differences between the use of automatic polishing machine and manual polishing.

The application of automation technology polishing machinery and equipment can improve the company's economic efficiency and competitiveness, and the difference between it and manual polishing is reflected in the following levels:

1, automatic polishing machine in the whole process of grinding and polishing the goods, CNC CNC machine tool operation, grinding and polishing will be more accurate, the actual effect is also uniform, removable to ensure the quality of polishing, and the staff manual polishing and polishing will be due to cultivated land elements caused by each product will be different, the actual polishing effect will be uneven.

2, for some kinds of goods, manual polishing and polishing is not very good actual operation, thus leading to the actual effect and efficiency of polishing, the standard rate is not ideal, and the design scheme of the automatic polishing machine has multiple polishing wheels, which can carry out multi-directional polishing solutions for goods, and the actual effect of polishing is more uniform and high brightness.

3, the past manual polishing in the efficiency is relatively low, polishing consumption time is longer, and automatic polishing machine has a high efficiency of polishing efficiency, for the same commodity polishing and polishing solution, 1 automatic polishing machine in the work efficiency will replace the actual operation of multiple laborers, now the cost of manual application is increasing, so the automatic polishing machine can not only greatly improve the company's work efficiency, but also save a lot of labor costs.

What should be paid attention to in the automatic polishing machine in deburring polishing.

No matter what precision workpiece in the process of turning and milling processing, the workpiece produces more burrs, the existence of burrs will inevitably affect the progress of the inverted finishing process, affecting the quality of the product, so the existence of residual burrs in the finished product table is never allowed.

In the process of mechanical deburring processing, according to the processing requirements and processing conditions are different, according to the shape and size of the part, the size of the burr is not equal, the requirements for deburring polishing are also different, in general, the requirements of the deburring polishing machine and the choice of abrasive are very critical.

Deburring polishing machine adopts Japan, Germany advanced automatic frequency tracking technology, developed and developed work-type deburring polishing machine, work-type ultra-fine polishing machine, work-type mirror polishing machine, work-type deburring machine, and can customize special machines for parts according to customer requirements.
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