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Benefits of where automatic polishers are installed and used correctly

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Update time : 2022-12-17 09:17:48
Where is the automatic polishing machine installed to suitable.

1. It is necessary to analyze the soil pressure resistance and water level of the installation site, and the installation plan can be determined only if the installation and use requirements of the polishing machine can be met.

2. When installing the polishing machine, try to clean the ground as much as possible to avoid that the machine is not easy to clean when installed.

3. Installation should avoid high-voltage transmission lines to avoid interference with the electronic polishing machine.

4. It is necessary to have an independent power supply to avoid sharing with other high-power electrical appliances.

5. The polishing machine installation requires a relatively spacious installation site, and it is important to have enough operating space.

6. Rainy, humid, saline and other areas to install polishing machine can not put ordinary mud on the ground, otherwise it is necessary to consider ventilation and drainage and many other problems.

7. The installation polishing machine must not be installed on the air outlet, otherwise when the wind blows, the polishing machine cannot run well.

People think that everyone wants to have a polishing machine that can have a long service life products can be used indefinitely, but this is impossible, want to extend the service life of the polishing machine, we need to take practical actions, the polishing machine for proper maintenance, so as to improve the efficiency of the plate polishing machine.

The regular maintenance and maintenance of the automatic polishing machine makes the automatic polishing machine in a good state of production and operation, ensuring normal production, first of all, to ensure that the automatic polishing machine is stable and stable, whether loose or not, clean the machine of the polishing machine.

Automatic polishing machine should often use lubricating oil for production and maintenance, to check the power cord frequently, to see if the power supply is exposed, if there is a need to replace the power cord in time, timely maintenance of machinery and motor polishing, such as found that the motor does not rotate or stop, should be repaired in time, should also regularly complete the mechanical fastening screws of automatic polishing machine equipment.

Reasonable use and maintenance of equipment, not only can extend the service life of the equipment, but also can improve the efficiency of machining, as a member of the professional production of polishing machine, hope to through their own professionalism and efforts, for the polishing machine needs every customer, to provide high-quality automatic polishing machine, in addition, need every customer friends more, according to the instructions, the correct use of equipment and daily use, timely way, do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment.
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