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Pay attention to the common problems of the polishing process when choosing an automatic polishing machine

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Update time : 2022-12-24 08:46:01
With the development of science and technology, a variety of fully automated equipment is increasingly used in the field of production and processing, due to the influence of low manual polishing output, high cost, uneven quality of polishing products, etc., traditional manual polishing gradually withdrew from the historical stage, replaced by the use of automatic polishing machine, now on the market automatic polishing machine brands and products are many, how do we choose the real applicable automatic polishing machine.

From the size of its own output, the stability of the source, if the quantity is large, the supply is stable and the funds are abundant, and the profit is high, multiple equipment can be considered to form an assembly line production mode with a high degree of automation, otherwise a single slightly simpler automatic polishing machine can be considered.

Because the automatic polishing machine is imitating the manual polishing master's operation action development, before purchasing, ask whether the automatic polishing machine operation action in line with the polishing process operation logic, because the automatic polishing machine technical content and assembly process are relatively high, before confirming the order, you can go to the manufacturer to see its production scale and strength, and then make a decision.

Solutions to common problems in polishing process of polishing machine.

(1) The problem encountered in the daily polishing process is "excessive polishing", that is, the longer the polishing time, the worse the quality of the mold surface, and there are two phenomena of excessive polishing: that is, "orange peel" and "pitting corrosion", excessive polishing occurs in mechanical polishing.

(2) The reason for the appearance of "orange peel" in the workpiece.

Irregular rough surface is called "orange peel", there are many reasons for producing "orange peel", the common reason is due to the mold surface overheating or excessive carburizing and caused, polishing pressure is too large and polishing time is the main reason for the production of "orange peel", such as: polishing wheel polishing, the heat generated by the polishing wheel will easily cause "orange peel", harder steel can withstand the polishing pressure will be larger, relatively soft steel is prone to over-polishing, Studies have shown that the time it takes to produce over-polishing varies depending on the hardness of the steel.

(3) Measures to eliminate the "orange peel" of the workpiece.

When it is found that the surface quality is not good, many people will increase the pressure of polishing and prolong the polishing time, which often makes the quality of the surface worse, and the following methods can be used to remedy it:

The defective surface is removed, the grinding particle size is slightly coarser than the previous use of the sand number, and then grinding, the polishing force is lower than the previous one, the stress relief is carried out at a temperature lower than the tempering temperature of 25 ° C, and the fine sand number is used for grinding before polishing until a satisfactory effect is achieved, polished with a lighter force.
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