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When buying a polishing machine online, pay attention to how to reduce noise pollution

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Update time : 2022-12-03 08:43:39
When buying a polishing machine online, pay attention to the following elements:

1. Look at the brand, now polishing machine manufacturers are mixed, there are more dealers and traders in the middle of the mix, product quality is uneven, under the premise of ensuring preferential quotations, good brand product durability and quality, after-sales and other aspects are guaranteed.

2. Look at the demand, you must first understand what the polishing machine is used for, the domestic polishing machine varieties have mold polishing machine, glass polishing machine and many other kinds, different types of polishing machine suitable for work is not the same, just understand their own needs, talent according to the demand to purchase products.

3. Look at the after-sales, after-sales effectiveness is an important aspect of checking the brand promise, many buyers in the machine problems when the after-sales effect lag or lack of embarrassment, in order to alleviate this embarrassing situation, machine tool factory stores launched exclusive customer service tracking effect, from the purchase of orders to business success, to the later after-sales tracking and other full authority, to protect the rights and interests of buyers all the way to the end.

4. Look at the quotation, the quotation here is not the quotation of the polishing machine itself, but the quotation after adding all the additional costs, the more important question faced by the off-site purchase is the logistics transportation cost control question, assuming that the logistics cost of buying a polishing machine plus the quotation of the machine itself is much higher than the buyer's mind acceptance scale, this business is obviously difficult to achieve.

Most mechanical equipment in the process of operation, more or less will make some noise, but if the noise is too large, it will interfere with people's normal work, and even damage people's hearing, therefore, once found that a mechanical equipment noise is too large, it is necessary to deal with it in time, so as not to cause serious consequences, in general, the noise generated by the automatic polishing machine can not be completely eliminated, can only be reduced, then how to reduce the noise pollution of the automatic polishing machine.

How to determine the automatic polishing machine noise, you need to use your hand to constantly touch, if you feel that the automatic polishing machine noise is very large, or feel hot, this time it means that the motor has been damaged, and when the automatic polishing machine in the process of work noise, compared to the past is much larger, the entire polishing disc will appear slight vibration, so that the bearing is also damaged, so when the turntable can not move, the automatic polishing machine will definitely make noise, At this time, it is necessary to use a dial indicator to adjust.
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