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Automatic polishing machine table moving guide rail, why the polishing effect is not good

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Update time : 2022-12-05 08:42:31
In the processing and production process of automatic polishing machine, the workbench needs to move back and forth in order to get used to the needs of processing items of different lengths, and the guide rail is an indispensable part of this moving process, and the guide rail is divided into roller linear guide rail and cylindrical linear guide rail.

Roller linear guide rail: is through the bearing roller on the guide rail rolling, complete the linear movement, its structure is simple, high error tolerance, low cost is particularly suitable for use in harsh environments in the field, such as: stone transmission belt, mine manpower conveyor belt and other large mechanical construction sites.

Cylindrical linear guide rail: is through the slide in the tumbling steel ball rotation to complete the linear movement, the strength of the tumbling steel ball is its small friction coefficient, high sensitivity, satisfied with the operation requirements of fine moving parts, both ends of the slider are sealed with annular rubber gasket, can play a dust-proof effect, so cylindrical linear guide rail is commonly used in automated mechanical equipment, such as machine tools imported from Germany, automatic polishing machines, paper bowl machines, laser welding machines and so on.

Automatic polishing machine in the processing of metal workpieces can not achieve the ideal mirror polishing effect, gloss is not strong enough, why, in fact, this problem in addition to the performance of the polishing machine itself, may be related to the following aspects.

1. When the operator polishes every day, he needs to use new abrasives in the operation, at this time we need to check whether the old abrasive on the automatic polishing machine is cleaned, if it is not cleaned, it is impossible to throw a mirror effect.

2., due to the long-term operation of the automatic polishing machine, the purity of the diluent will be reduced, if the diluent is not replaced, it will be diluted with impurity 3. The mirror effect requires multiple processes, each process has a time regulation, if in the process of grinding, if the polishing time of each process does not reach the effective time in the polishing process, it will lead to the inability to achieve the mirror effect.

4. The uniformity of the mirror facing the automatic polishing machine has very high requirements, and only by maintaining a uniform grinding speed can the ideal effect be presented.

5. There are also requirements for the tool head and abrasive paste, when the operator changes, two must be replaced at the same time, if any one is not replaced in time, the mirror effect can not be thrown.

Keep the equipment tidy, clean up the old debris in time, check the equipment regularly, do the above work, make the machinery operate effectively and reasonably, and reduce product defects.
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