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Main structural characteristics of polishing machinery and mainstream polishing technology

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Update time : 2022-11-18 08:55:06
 Main structural features of polishing machinery.

Tensioner (or tensioning device).

Like the commonly used belt mechanism transmission principle, in order to make the abrasive belt can do grinding movement stably, only the driving wheel cannot do, and there must also be a tensioner to tension the belt to form a certain tension.

The contact wheel, supporting the abrasive belt and making it close to the ground workpiece to achieve the basic requirements of grinding, how the abrasive belt contacts the workpiece for grinding, is a very important factor in abrasive belt grinding.

Drive wheel, drive wheel is robot automatic grinder, intelligent grinding equipment to provide abrasive belt power transmission parts, it can be tensioner or contact wheel both, can also be a single drive wheel.

Grinding production refers to the robot automatic grinder, intelligent grinding equipment in the grinding process in order to achieve the grinding purpose must meet the basic conditions, it includes the grinding line speed of the abrasive belt, the workpiece feed speed, the workpiece grinding depth, etc.

The mainstream technology of polishing machine polishing.

1, the kind is physical grinding.

This kind of grinding particles are irregular diamond shape, coarse, medium and fine grades, deoxidation and scratching effect is quite good, is the mainstream grinding and polishing technology on the market, and angular coarse abrasives often cause secondary fine scratches, the need for a finer level of abrasive more than two grinding, complex procedures, while inevitably hurting the paint surface, often use this grinding products and technology, so that the paint surface like drug  rely on polishing waxing, the varnish layer has become thinner and thinner, the original car paint brightness is eclipsed.

2, the second is physical + overlay grinding.

The coarse scratches that have just been thrown disappear, there is a bright effect, but there are obvious fine scratches and rotation in the sun, the reason: part of the scratches are filled with wax or resin oily components, not really removed, the oiliness is too large, the polishing hairball walking pattern produces light rotation, this polishing method is very easy to reproduce scratches after washing two or three cars, with strong deception, unreasonable shopkeepers and technicians will be very troubled.

3, the third is to compare the top and rare grinding technology.

Delayed crushing and polishing technology, the abrasive is glass beads round, will not cause secondary grinding scratches, while the temperature of the paint surface is low, when the polishing hair ball runs at high speed and the abrasive produces a certain temperature, the grinding particles are instantly broken, forming finer particles, effectively polishing the fine deep, one step in place, the brighter the throw, this polishing technology ensures the effect, and also minimizes the damage of polishing to the paint surface (polishing must have damage).
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