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What do I need to pay attention to when using a sander to ensure safety?

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Author : yiliang polishing
Update time : 2022-10-19 17:08:18

The sanding machine and the polishing machine seem to have similar functions. In fact, in the industry, the machine with automatic feeding function is called the sanding machine, and the polishing machine does not have such a function. The sanding machine also grinds the items and parts that do not meet the requirements to make them meet the technical requirements. It's just that the sanding machine has certain particularities in use, and there are matters needing attention. Only by paying attention to the position can it be possible to ensure safety, which needs to be understood. First of all, there are many parts of the sanding machine, such as sand discs, grinding wheels, abrasive belts, polishing wheels, etc. These parts may rupture or burst at any time during the use process. For the operator, The potential danger is still extremely high. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to take precautions, such as glasses, helmets, masks and so on. Secondly, it is necessary to operate it correctly according to the operation process. Places such as abrasive belts, grinding wheels, grinding heads, etc. cannot be touched. After touching it, it will cause great damage to the body. Of course, this refers to the operation. Again, the machine must be protected. When we see that the machine is not protected, it cannot be used, and the risk is too great. Fourth, wear a mask. During the use of the sander, the dust is quite large, so wear a mask to avoid occupational diseases after long-term use. And in this case, it is also necessary to consider equipping it with dust removal equipment, otherwise the service life of the machine will also be affected. It can be seen that the sanding machine can not be used casually. Strict training must be carried out before use, especially during the operation, it must be operated according to the correct procedure, otherwise it is very likely that a safety accident will occur, which will be troublesome.
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