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The difference between sander and polishing machine and electrolyte maintenance

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Update time : 2022-11-26 08:51:28

The workpiece processed by the grinding machine is relatively rough, and the surface finish of the workpiece processed by the polishing machine is better, but the fine grinding wheel plate installed on the grinder can also polish a high finish.

Electric grinder reciprocating electric polishing grinder (also known as file grinder), widely used in the mold industry finishing and surface polishing treatment, is a similar pneumatic product alternative.

The main outstanding features are as follows: 1. The high-power motor can achieve strong grinding performance in the entire operating range, which can reach 150% load, 2. Use a complete set of safety solutions: touch start, automatic stop, wear-free electronic brake stop system EBS, quick clamping system QUICKin, power-off restart lock and soft start, 3. Strong self-supporting motor structure, switch module dustproof, durable.

Polishing machine is also known as grinding machine, often used as mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing, its working principle is: the motor drives the sponge or wool polishing disc installed on the polishing machine to rotate at high speed, because the polishing disc and polishing agent work together and rub with the surface to be thrown, and then can achieve the purpose of removing paint pollution, oxide layer, shallow marks, the speed of the polishing disc is generally 1500-3000r/min, mostly stepless speed change, construction can be adjusted at any time as needed.

Electrolyte maintenance for automatic polishing machines.

1. The electrolyte will be reduced after a period of use in the automatic polishing machine, such as the normal use of the air pressure is not enough can add distilled water to keep it at the normal water level work, do not add mineral water, because the mineral water contains other mineral substances, will affect the normal operation of the polishing machine, (use need to add electrolytic powder), after using the configuration electrolyte, only need to add water in time during the future use, the electrolyte is updated once in about 3 months, the use effect is better.

2. When adding water and changing water, you should first turn off the flame gun and the power supply, and then turn on the flame gun switch, after all the remaining gas in the machine is discharged, slowly unscrew the water nut and add distilled water to no more than the "high scale" not lower than the "low scale" position, tighten the nut and restart the machine, Note: ignition before use, turn on the power switch, the machine produces gas, when the air pressure rises to 0.13MP, open the flame gun regulating valve to exhaust the air in the air pipe, and then ignite for use, after use, the method of extinguishing the fire: the control valve can be turned off, The flame is automatically extinguished, or the regulating valve is turned up, the flame is extinguished with the gas in the machine, and then the power is turned off.

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