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Polishing machine equipment fixture design and factors affecting the price of flat polishing machine

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Update time : 2023-02-06 09:46:42
Fixture is an important part of the machining process system, whether its design is reasonable, whether the manufacturing quality can be guaranteed has a great impact on the processing of the workpiece, fixtures and tools (abrasives), auxiliary tools, inspection tools, etc. constitute process equipment.

In precision machining and ultra-precision machining, precision general fixtures can be selected, such as turntables, chucks, etc., but in most cases to design precision special fixtures, and often become the key to parts processing, therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when designing and manufacturing.

(1) To design according to the requirements of precision fixture design, the positioning element of the manufacturing fixture should have high precision and wear resistance, the clamping part of the fixture and the machine tool should also have high positioning accuracy, and the entire fixture should have high rigidity and precision retention.

(2) Pay attention to the clamping deformation of the workpiece clamping force should be sufficient, but not deform the workpiece, especially for those parts with poor rigidity, you can use some special clamping methods or clamping device structure, such as the use of multi-auxiliary support structure, manual clamping with fixed torque wrench, the use of overpositioning structure, etc., can use finite element analysis for some necessary accounting.

(3) The positioning datum on the fixture "local processing" In order to ensure the quality of the fixture, the machine tool can be used to "in-situ machining" to ensure the high-precision clamping of the workpiece after each fixture is clamped on the machine tool, at this time, the surface to be processed by the fixture should leave enough margin for multiple processing.

Multi-function surface polishing machine this equipment in the factory is still used more, in real life, many people are very concerned about what factors affect the price of multi-functional plane polishing machine, after all, their prices are different, some of their actual situation is also different, so when buying, we must have some of our own ideas.

From the current situation, the price of multi-functional surface polishing machine is still very many factors, basically there are manufacturers of production technology, and in the actual production process will have more cost problems, in addition, the price control of the entire industry is basically unavoidable, for example, the needs of every friend, if you need more quantity in the process of buying a multi-functional plane polishing machine, then basically everyone can make a comprehensive purchase, if the demand for such a piece of equipment is too large, Then their price will also increase, so when buying equipment, you can basically use a variety of different factors for effective reference, you may have more good experience in this, then we can choose the regular manufacturer to buy
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