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How to distinguish different types of automatic polishing machines to avoid safety accidents

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Update time : 2022-11-24 09:00:51
Automatic polishing machines can be divided into many types due to their differences in production materials, styles, performance, etc.

Automatic polishing machine according to the polishing function is divided into automatic rough polishing machine and automatic fine polishing machine two, respectively polishing process and polishing two processes, the following will be examples respectively, automatic polishing machine according to the physical characteristics of the processing object, according to the data, can be simply divided into: plane automatic polishing machine, spherical automatic polishing machine, curved automatic polishing machine, steel belt automatic polishing machine, profiling automatic polishing machine, rotating body automatic polishing machine, plastic automatic polishing machine, acrylic automatic polishing machine, etc. There are general models and special models of difference.

General models and special models are not easy to distinguish, each other has a certain versatility and specificity, such as plane automatic polishing machine, in the production, if according to the specific object non-calibration, then can only polish flat objects, as we all know, the size of the object is different, when leaving the factory, the automatic polishing machine work table has been fixed, to deal with a variety of objects will be affected by now, so engineers in the design, are to consider the versatility of the automatic polishing machine, generally designed according to the size of large objects, or designed as a multi-functional automatic polishing machine.

Automatic polishing machine also requires the former to use fine materials, so that the polishing damage layer is shallow, but the polishing rate is low, the inner pipe outlet is adjusted by the valve, dust is discharged into the dust filter device, when the hand collides, the feeding roller returns to the non-working position, the host stops working, the safety baffle is set in front of the protective cover of the work roller, after restarting, it can resume normal work, the amount of change in the velocity of the vibrating body per unit time, called acceleration, is represented by A.

When working with a polishing machine, we need to pay attention at all times to avoid safety accidents.

In the polishing machine work site needs ventilation and to install a dust removal system, and every day need to check whether the dust is within the normal range, if the dust exceeds the standard, it is necessary to stop production immediately need to let the staff leave the work site immediately, because if the dust exceeds the standard, that is, the dust exceeds the standard, there will be a dust explosion.

Therefore, we must pay attention to this point, there are many thunderstorms in summer, and the factory must be equipped with lightning protection, anti-static and explosion-proof electrical devices, which can ensure the safety of the staff, and the staff is better to wear dust-proof, anti-static measures to work.
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