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Flat polishing machines can be used in different industries

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Update time : 2022-11-01 09:00:10
Plane polishing machine is a special equipment for polishing the plane of objects, which can be divided into single-sided and double-sided polishing. In the process of processing and production, the workpiece will inevitably cause scratches, spots or unevenness, in order to make its surface brighter and smoother, you need to use a plane polishing machine, after treatment, the surface of the workpiece is as bright as a mirror, to meet the needs of vision and use.

Whether it is a different industry or object, it may be necessary to carry out plane polishing to achieve the ideal flatness, parallelism and finish, and look more beautiful. Many people mistakenly think that the plane polishing machine is only suitable for use on the metal plane, in fact, non-metallic materials can also be processed, because this equipment can be used through the throwing wheel of the case grinding wheel, hemp wheel, cloth wheel, etc., which can not only achieve the effect of sanding or mirroring, but also make a brushed texture.

It is understood that the surface polishing machine is currently applicable to a wide range of industries, including precision hardware processing, communication equipment, jewelry processing, steel, ceramics, plastic molds and electronics industry, and even the aerospace industry also needs to use this equipment. Because the materials adapted to are so rich, even optical glass, silicon wafers, acrylic, sapphire substrates and other materials can be processed through this equipment.

All in all, in many industries need to use plane polishing machine equipment, currently can professionally produce this equipment manufacturers are not many, different industries before the introduction, it is recommended to conduct a field inspection of the manufacturer, and understand whether there is a perfect after-sales service, because this is crucial, related to whether the enterprise can produce normally.

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