YL-ATPM-050 Multifunctional Square Tube Round Tube Polishing Machine

Item No.: YL-ATPM-050
This machine has multiple functions, and it can be applied to different products polishing and grinding only by changing different clamps, and it has a wide range of applications.
Square tube polishing process: This machine is suitable for polishing squa
  • Type: polisher
  • Machine Parameters: Metal Polishing Machine
  • Machine Size: 5900MM*1600MM*1600MM
  • Machine Weight: 1700KG
  • Work Area: Double Shaft Round Tube Polishing Machine
  • Application: Double Shaft Round Tube Polishing Machine
  • Description

    Product name: Double Shaft Round Tube Polishing Machine Applicable material: metal round tube Processing effect: polishing, drawing, mirror light Scope of application: flat, round tube, square tube Product features:
    1、Double axis flat round tube polishing machine, the round tube will only contact with the polishing wheel, will not produce any extra scratches, and can better achieve the effect of high mirror. 2、The round tube comes in and out of contact with the polishing wheel, and the polished straight wire drawing effect is more beautiful and more upscale. 3、Customization: The size of the fixture, table and machine can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers. We will customize a set of suitable polishing schemes according to customers' polishing requirements.