Wholesale Price Good Quality cloth wheel with soft muslin cotton

Item No.: YL-CW-03
  • Type: YL-CW-03
  • Materials: Made of high quality soft cotton cloth.
  • Specification: customized
  • Application: For workpieces last step fine polishing.
  • Feature: High quality, strong cutting force and high mirror effect.
  • Description

    Wholesale Price Good Quality cloth wheel with soft muslin cotton

    • Material: High-density cotton cloth, multi-lay superposition.
    • Diameter: From 4 inch to 16 inch
    • Cotton fabric, with soft muslin cotton cloth, clearing unwanted fat and dust on articles face to increase the brightness
    • Usage: Applied to medium polishing & fine finishing for most material
    • Application: Suitable for stainless stell, metal final mirror effct.

    Buffing wheel for bench grinders and polishers. Treated Buffing Wheels have a special chemical added to the cotton which gives them more aggressive cutting action allowing them to work faster than standard cotton spiral sewn buffing wheels. The chemical treatment also gives these buffs a longer lifespan. Treated buffing wheels can be used in place of Cotton Spiral Sewn buffing wheels for cutting and coarse buffing.

    Formed by sewing layers of pure cotton cloth,and leather core available if required,these buffs are suitable for fine polishing of various jewelries made of brass,silver,gold or plastic,especially for high luster mirror buffing.