spoon and fork arc surface double shaft grinding and polishing machine

Item No.: YL-ATPM-003
The YL-ATPM-003 arc surface polishing machine is widely use for arc products grinding and polishing at the same time, like spoon,fork,door handle etc.
  • Type: Y
  • Machine Parameters: 3
  • Machine Size: 1
  • Machine Weight: 1
  • Work Area: 6
  • Application: W
  • Description

    The YL-ATPM-003 arc surface polishing machine is widely use for arc products inner and outer surface polishing at the same time, like spoon,fork,door handle etc.

    Technical Parameters

    Buff driveCrosswise swingMove in and outBuff Opening and Closing
    Motor Power(2 pcs)5.5KW-4*1250W-4*1370W-4*1tapered motor 0.4KW-4*1
    Reduction Box
    WPA40-20WPS60-60 WD47-30
    Spindle Speed1800-2200 r/min
    Grind time0-3 minutes
    Machine Size1500MM*1500MM*1300MM(L*W*H)
    Spindle Length600MM
    Grind area600MM*20MM(L*W)(allowed custom-made as your request)
    ApplicationWidely use for arc products inner and outer surface polishing at the same time, like spoon,fork,door handle etc. Also suitable for many kinds of materials, such as metal, stainless steel, alloy, iron, copper, aluminum, brass, and so on.
    Match Abrasive ToolsCotton cloth polishing, ssalgrinding wheel, non-woven deburring wheel, flap grindingwheel and ect.
    CustomizedThe machine color, grind area size, volatage (380V, 410V, 420V, 440V) can be customized as your request.
    1. Install the grinding and polishing wheels into polishing shaft.

    2. Install the polishing shaft on the arc surface grinding and polishing machine. Then begin to buffing the spoon and fork arc parts.


    1. The most features is: this machine is mainly designed for cutlery/tableware/dinnerware/ dishes industry double sides fine polishing of introvert and excurvature at the same time.

    2. The machine is suitable for a variety of metal surface grinding and polishing, hairline and wire drawing processing.

    3. Easy adjustment and handled, FM treatment with bearing steel, External circular grinding, Exact location with tapered motor, Reliable and durable manipulate with high quality position switches, less maintenance, ensure production run smoothly.

    4. Yi-Liang Brand Polishing Machine can improve the shinning finishing of the work piece surface, it has many advantages, such as save time, save electricity, save manpower, reduce cost, mass production of fast, easy operation. It is the ideal auxiliary polishing facilities for polishing, electroplating/plating industry; it is very good at oil removed, burr removing, get rid of oxide coating and coarse grain removing and act. It can satisfy with different shining requirements of the different customers needed.

    5.Our company has abundant polishing experience and technique, involved in Dinner ware Polishing Production  Line, Hinge production line, Alloy and hardware polishing production Line, Cast tube machinery, etc.