Hardware automatic multi-function polishing machine

Item No.: YL-ATPM-058
1. This machine is suitable for fine grinding with high precision, and the accuracy error of plane grinding is positive or negative 0.05MM.
2. The main transmission parts are all castings with high stability, and the sand belt pressing plates are made o
  • Type: polisher
  • Machine Parameters: Metal Polishing Machine
  • Machine Size: 5900MM*1600MM*1600MM
  • Machine Weight: 1700KG
  • Work Area: Double Shaft Round Tube Polishing Machine
  • Application: Double Shaft Round Tube Polishing Machine
  • Description

    Precision Multi-Function Metal Polishing Machine

    Unlock the potential of precision metal finishing with our state-of-the-art polishing machine. Ideal for various applications, this machine is your go-to for achieving the perfect polish.

    High Precision Grinding

    Equipped with advanced technology, our machine delivers fine grinding with an accuracy error of ±0.05MM, ensuring unparalleled precision in every polish.

    Durable and Stable Construction

    The heart of our machine lies in its high-stability castings and robust sand belt pressing plates, designed for long-lasting performance and reliability.

    Key Features:

    • Type: Polisher
    • Machine Parameters: Metal Polishing Machine
    • Machine Size: 5900MM x 1600MM x 1600MM
    • Machine Weight: 1700KG
    • Work Area: Double Shaft Round Tube Polishing Machine
    • Application: Double Shaft Round Tube Polishing Machine

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