pure loose cotton abrasive wheel for grinding different matal to reach fine shining effect

Item No.: YL-CW-02
  • Type: YL-CW-02
  • Materials: 100% Pure Cotton
  • Specification: From 4 inch to 16 inch
  • Application: Suitable for stainless stell, metal final mirror effct.
  • Description


       Buffing wheel for bench grinders and polishers. Treated Buffing Wheels have a special chemical added to the cotton which gives them more aggressive cutting action allowing them to work faster than standard cotton spiral sewn buffing wheels. 


    name loose cotton abrasive wheel
    Material 100% Pure Cotton 
    Diameter From 4 inch to 16 inch
    Thickness 10 mm, 1/2 inch,1 inch ,15mm and etc 
    Bore/ID 3mm, 6mm,12mm and etc. 
    Pages/Sheets 30 Ply,50 Ply,60ply and etc.
    Product Category 100% Pure Cotton Cloth Buffing Wheel
    Usage Special for jewelry, ornaments, or precise metal products polishing and grinding.
    Application Suitable for stainless stell, metal final mirror effct.







      The chemical treatment also gives these buffs a longer lifespan. Treated buffing wheels can be used in place of Cotton Spiral Sewn buffing wheels for cutting and coarse buffing. Surface Mirror of different metal by loaded on different polishing machines, with different polishing wax/compound(white wax,green wax),  fine shining effect, economic and practical.







      This buffing wheel is perfect for color buffing and polishing on all materials! Sewed with whole page of 100% cotton clothes,without sewing lines. this buffing wheel is built for long wear and consistency when smoothing. Dependable and well balanced, these buffing wheels are ready to give your materials, work pieces and auto exteriors a polished shine.