white cloth sisal abrasive wheel for finishing initial mirror effect

Item No.: YL-SW-01
  • Type: YL-SW-01
  • Materials: with good sisal material
  • Specification: Requirment
  • Application: good for metal ,stainless steel middle step polishing.
  • Feature: Flexibility, Excellent ability for removing rust, high cutting force.
  • Description


    Product Description


       Sewed with sisal and cloth, the cloth sisal abrasive wheel is traditional and widely used. It can be installed on different polishing machines, attaching different polishing wax (such as purple wax and yellow wax) for polishing different metal material, flat surface and cambered surface. Soft cloth of wheel is for absorbing polishing wax so as to protect work poece clean, sisal for good cutting force.



    sisal wheel 6.jpg






     60mm, 80mm, 100mm(4 inch), 150mm (6 inch), 200mm (8 inch), 250mm


    (10 inch), 300mm (12 inch), 350mm (14 inch), 400mm(16 inch), 450mm (18


    inch), 500mm (20 inch)


     From 10mm to 15mm


    round hole (3mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 45mm, 50mm)       


    hexagon hole (19mm, 32mm)


    Size can be customized as your request !


     sisal wheel 7.jpg 




    With tight and close stitching, the cloth sisal wheel is hard and the wheel last / work for long time, and its quality, polishing power and cutting force is well. It is suitable for stainless steel plate, density wooden plate and thin board.



    sisal wheel 8.jpg



    -  Sisal buffs are generally used on hard metals like stainless steel and iron to remove scratches up to 400 grit. For best results our Sisal wheels should be used with Black Emery Polishing Compound.


    - It is used in works of prepolishing and polishing of flat iron or stainless steel surfaces, such as household items, cutlery or stainless steel tubes. 


    It would be better if you use with buffing compound:


    Y702 polishing bar.jpg Y401 buffing compound.jpg




    Polish with purple compound, yellow compound on surface of copper, aluminum, metal , steel, stainless steel.


    - Suitable for plane convex concave and irregular surface grinding .


    - Flexibility, Excellent ability for removing rust, high cutting force.


    - Self-cooling In the operation, suitable for cutting operation and different profile surface and irregular parts, such as golf head, yacht hardware, gravity casting, stainless steel cutting coarse polishing operation .