Flat Surface Grinding and Polishing Machine - Advanced Metal Surface Refinishing Tool

Item No.: YL-ATPM-006
Refine metal surfaces flawlessly with our precision-engineered Flat Surface Grinding and Polishing Machine. Experience unparalleled performance for immaculate finishes on all metal products.
  • Type: Y
  • Machine Parameters: 7
  • Machine Size: 1
  • Machine Weight: 1
  • Work Area: 6
  • Application: W
  • Description

    Revolutionary Surface Refinement
    Elevate your metalworking capabilities with our Flat Surface Grinding and Polishing Machine. Experience a revolution in surface refinement, as this advanced tool effortlessly transforms rough metal surfaces into gleaming works of art.

    Precision Engineering
    Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, our machine ensures precise and consistent results with every use. From smoothing out imperfections to achieving mirror-like finishes, this equipment is a testament to superior craftsmanship.

    Enhanced Productivity
    Boost your productivity with our efficient grinding and polishing machine. Designed for seamless operation, it streamlines the metal finishing process, saving you time and resources while delivering exceptional results.

    Versatile Applications
    Whether you're working with stainless steel, aluminum, or other metals, our machine offers versatility to meet your diverse needs. From industrial applications to artisanal projects, it's the perfect companion for any metalworking endeavor.

    YL-ATPM-006 Plane surface polishing machine/ Spring bord flat surface polishing machine and Long working table plane polishing machine specification
      Buff drive Crosswise swing Move in and out Buff Opening and Closing
    Motor Power(2 pcs) 7.5KW-4*1 250W-4*1 370W-4*1 tapered motor 0.4KW-4*1
    Reduction Box   WPA40-20 WD47-50  WD47-30
    Volate 380V,50HZ
    Spindle Speed 1800-2200 r/min
    Grind time 0-3 minutes
    Machine Size 1500MM*1500MM*1300MM(L*W*H) (Depended on the machine size.)
    Weight 1250KG (Depended on the machine size.)
    Spindle Length 600MM
    Grind area 600MM*400MM(L*W)(allowed custom-made as your request) 
    Application Widely use for different products plane surface and little arc shape surface polishing. Also suitable for many kinds of materials, such as metal, stainless steel, alloy, iron, copper, aluminum, brass, and so on.
    Match Abrasive Tools Cotton cloth polishing, ssalgrinding wheel, non-woven deburring wheel, flap grindingwheel and ect.
    Customized The machine color, grind area size, volatage (380V, 410V, 420V, 440V) can be customized as your request.

    1.Install the grinding and polishing wheels into polishing shaft.

    2.Install the polishing shaft on the plane surface grinding and polishing machine. Then begin to buffing the metal products flat surface.


    1.For flat polishing and plane burnishing of stainless steel plate、black metal,non-ferrous metal,nonmetallic work piece, copper plate, aluminium plate

    Polishing the rags, edge, oxide coating, rusts generated at the process of punching, die -casting, and casting the parts.

    Matte finish and mirror finish available

    2. Electromagnet device can be installed to simplify manipulate and ensure the polishing quality as the size of work piece, Only for metal products. For thin stainless steel, aluminium, copper work pieces, special holder can be installed.

    3. Easy manipulated and fixed with mechanical drive and with imported original electric cabinet.

    4. Workbench has slightly swing from side to side, in order to reduce the bad effect caused by wiredrawing.

    5. Grinding time can be adjusted, makes the milling time is more flexible.


    Viboon Tapanwong
    Jul 06, 2016
    My name is Viboon Tapanwong from Thapanin Co.,Ltd. locate in Samutprakarn Thailand. I am interest in your machine type YL-ATPM-006, Please quote a good price with term of payment and delivery, moreover if you have VDO clip that show me how this machine work please send it to me, my e-mail address is viboon@thapanin.com