Knife, watch case, hinges and hardwares multifunction abrasive belt grinder sanding machine

Item No.: YL-PM-026
YL-PM-026 multifunction grinder is widely use for home or industries. It is suitable for different shape and material hardwares grinding and repairing, such as knife, watch case, hinges and so on.
  • Type: YL-PM-026
  • Machine Parameters: 220V or 380V, 50HZ
  • Abrasive Belt Size: 1275mm*50mm
  • Machine Size: Vertical: 41mm*36mm*1030mm Small: 41mm*36mm*350mm
  • Machine Weight: Vertical one: 30kg Small one: 21.5kg
  • Application: Suitable for all hardwares manual grinding. Home use or indhustry use.
  • Description

    YL-PM-026 Abrasive Belt Multifunction Grinding Machine, is a precise and durable machine for home or industry uses.

    This sand belt grinder is wide range of uses, suitable for knife, watch case, hinges and many kinds of hardwares sanding grinding and repairing.

    There are two kind specification, one is vertical sand belt grinding machine, the other one is small abrasive grinder which can fixed on a table.

    1. Technical Parameters

    Type YL-PM-026
    Item Multifunction abrasive belt grinding machine
    Voltage 220V / 380V, 50HZ
    Motor 1.1KW, Three-phase
    Power factor 0.84
    Electric Current 4.5/2.6A
    Rotate Speed 852r/min--2840r/min
    Efficiency 77%
    Insulation Class F
    Machine Weight Vertical one: 30kg 
    Small one:  21.5kg
    Machine Size (L*W*H) Vertical one: 41mm*36mm*1030mm
    Small one: 41mm*36mm*350mm
    Abrasive Belt Size  1275mm*50mm (L*W)


    2. Feature

    -- The worktable is made of casting stainless steel, so it is pulsate less, low noise, high stability, durable, and suitable for precision machining.

    -- It is suitable for home and industry voltage (220V / 380V), easy control and wide range of applications.

    -- Widely use for hardwares grinding and repairing, such as knife, watch case, hinges and so on.

    -- There are mulfunction concentrate in one machine, improve efficiency and save cost.


    3. Machine Using Method

    A. This switch can adjust the working table to be horizontal or vertical.

    B. The red operating lever can control the working table to be differernt angle you want.

    C. The black operating lever use for change the 3pcs rubber wheel position to grind different arc part surface.

    D. This Spring button is use for adjusting abrasive belt position during grinding.

    E. The metal switch is use for install or remove the abrasive belt.

    - Install the abrasive belt on the machine, then push the metal switch to fixed.

    - Press the abrasive belt, then can remove the sand belt.


    4. Machine accessories and usage

    A. This machine accessory use to help the 3pcs rubber wheel to grind different arc part surface. It can also use to help plane surface grind.

    B. This machine accessory is use help to hold the products during vertical grinding and sanding.

    C. This machine accessory is use to hold the product, install near the rubber wheel.

    D. This machine accessory is use to prevent the user burn during grinding.