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How to wax the automatic polishing machine and how to reduce the working noise

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Update time : 2022-12-07 08:56:25
Automatic polishing machine in the polishing metal items, there is a process is essential, that is, waxing, waxing intentions are two, one is to increase the cutting force on the surface of the article when polishing, such as yellow wax and purple wax, the other is to increase the brightness of the article, such as white wax and green wax.

1, manual manual waxing: automatic polishing machine work manual waxing is a more common way, because of its low skill difficulty, the general operator through simple training can get started, but also can save automatic waxing, wax spraying equipment procurement costs, but it also has the amount of wax dispersion is uneven, manual waxing may also be polished wheel to the risk of hand.

2, automatic waxing [solid wax] This method is installed in the automatic polishing machine polishing wheel above a lateral moving guide, on the guide rail is equipped with a solid wax fixed structure, imitating the manual waxing method, the swing moves back and forth, to achieve the intention of waxing, this method is uniform, waxing distance can be set according to technical requirements, to ensure that the polishing effect of batch products is more uniform.

3, automatic wax spraying [liquid wax] so waxing method is one of the more commonly used waxing methods in large processing plants, which uses pressure barrel through the air pump to knead the liquid to the spray gun nozzle spray out of the mist liquid, so that it is attached to the active polishing machine polishing wheel of a waxing method, which has dust-free, good adhesion, durable grinding, no need to frequently replace polishing wax and other advantages.

Today's society all walks of life are advocating green environmental protection, the machinery industry is the same, everyone knows that now in addition to the automatic polishing machine on the air pollution has been paid more attention to by automatic polishing machine manufacturers, now more concerned by users also have automatic polishing machine noise pollution, which will also be used by enterprises and manufacturers pay more attention, how to use automatic polishing machine in the process of noise reduction is now not a difficult thing, The following is a summary of the more effective way to reduce the noise in the working process of the automatic polishing machine: according to the mechanism of automatic polishing machine noise, it can be known that the huge noise is caused by the unbalanced force of the grinding head when grinding the brick by the action of violent vibration, vibration is the real cause of noise, the vibration in the automatic polishing machine processing is a typical dynamic instability phenomenon, can be the schematic diagram of its working time simplified, the analysis of a single abrasive grain.

During the grinding and polishing process using the automatic polishing machine, the machine will produce large or small noise, which will not only affect the mood of the work, but also affect the work efficiency and the effect of the workpiece.
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