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Choose a polishing machine, pay attention to details, and how to choose polishing abrasives

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Update time : 2022-12-01 08:57:26
Due to the many specifications and brands of polishing machines now, it is recommended that customers should make reasonable judgments and considerations when purchasing, only in this way will their advantages and characteristics be fully played, polishing machine equipment in the process of use to meet the application needs, in the purchase process, to pay attention to the following problems, to avoid blind choice on the deceived.

First of all, it is recommended that you choose the right brand for comparison, choose several brands that you like or have a high degree of recognition, so that you can comprehensively compare and measure, the use of polishing machines to understand the advantages and characteristics of different brands of polishing machines, and secondly, to understand the price positioning of the polishing machine industry, determine whether the price positioning of the brand you choose is reasonable.

It is necessary to combine the actual situation to determine whether its specifications and models meet their own use requirements, because now the grinder of various specifications and models are very good performance, but the use of the environment is different, it is recommended that the majority of customers in the purchase to understand these objective factors, to avoid blind choice, in the use of no way to get a better experience.

Polishing machine is a very widely used equipment in the processing of hardware and electronic components, its application range is very wide, can replace manual polishing, increase power, such as can be applied to a variety of stainless steel cylinder container surface polishing cylinder polishing machine polishing speed can reach 8-10m2 per hour, in the operation process of automatic polishing machine, polishing machine polishing abrasive is crucial, it directly affects the polishing effect of the product, so according to the requirements of polishing components to select the appropriate characteristics of polishing abrasive.

Automatic polishing machine will generally select higher resistance of polishing abrasives, grinding tensile strength of lower materials, to the selection of tougher silicon carbide abrasives for the benefit, other, to consider the material of the workpiece, in the selection of polishing abrasives, the hardness of the workpiece material is an important basis for consideration, usually, the hardness of the polishing abrasive is 2-4 times higher than the hardness of the workpiece, otherwise, the lower hardness of the abrasive in the high-speed cutting process will be quickly passivated and lose the cutting ability, so that the durability of the grinding wheel is too low and affect the cutting power, And the quality of the processing is not guaranteed.

Automatic polishing machine operation is relatively simple, the operator only needs to polish the object to be polished in advance on the corresponding fixture, fix the fixture on the automatic polishing machine table, start the automatic polishing machine, automatic polishing machine in the set time to complete the polishing work, automatic stop, in the unloading of the object from the workbench, before the automatic polishing machine polishing, you need to adjust the distance between the polishing head and the work table to achieve a good contact effect, throw a good effect.
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