QIAN MA Technology

Product Grinding Line
Customized polishing machine

Customized special machines according to the products provided by customers.

Advantage 1
20 years of intensive research in the polishing industry - rich experience Accompanying the development of the industry for 20 years, we are committed to providing polishing solutions for various manufacturing enterprises.
Advantage 2
Wide range of industries - professional manufacturing Industry: sanitary ware, home appliances, hardware, jewelry, furniture, car wash, military industry, precision products and other industries
Advantage 3
Experience with each effect: Casting deburring Metal surface mirror light Lacquer surface matt Brushed metal surface Metal paint finish Weld grinding CD pattern Various polishing surface treatment experience: plane, welding seam, welding mouth, die-casting blank front, arc surface, convex surface, concave surface, painted surface, polished surface, right angle, groove, pot mouth, pot bottom,
Advantage 4
Professional service team - trustworthy Technical Services 1. Solve the polishing and grinding problems of various workpieces. 2. Optimize the polishing and grinding plan from equipment, consumables, manpower, etc. 3. Fully automatic polishing and polishing line design. After-sales service team 1. Lifetime polishing process technical guidance service 2. Lifelong equipment use training services 3. Free upgrade plan design of polishing and grinding workshop