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Product grinding process
Case of front and rear coiled single-head abrasive belt water mill machine

Case of front and rear coiled single-head abrasive belt water mill machine

Machine dimensions: 2800*1200*2000
Suitable products: stainless steel and other metal coils,
Customizable: according to product size and effect requirements
1. The width of the worktable can be customized
2. The polishing head can be customized
3. Automation can be added

Yl-polishing is a modern enterprise specializing in all kinds of machinery. Since its establishment, it has adhered to the scientific management and high-quality service as the basis, with a strict management system and excellent sales service system.
Business scope:
1. Automatic / semi-automatic polishing machine, abrasive belt machine, wire drawing machine, pipe polishing machine
2. Semi automatic / fully automatic polishing water line design: stainless steel fork and key polishing line, door hinge polishing line, fully automatic faucet polishing line, stainless steel / iron weld fully automatic polishing line, etc
3. According to the needs of the development and customization of automatic polishing equipment.
4. Polishing materials: polishing wheel, polishing wax, abrasive cloth, abrasive belt, polishing cloth wheel, polishing hemp wheel and other polishing consumables
Our goal:
1. Provide suitable products for customers in various industries.
2. Improve customer's production efficiency and save production cost.
3. The use of product quality more controllable, effectively improve product quality.
Our main service industries:
Production and production of metal products, such as piano and metal products, metal processing equipment, automobile and other industries.
Our criteria:
With many years of close cooperation with customers at home and abroad, as well as customers' consistent high standard requirements, we always produce and test in strict accordance with international standards.
Overseas market: after 10 years of overseas market layout, our products are exported to dozens of countries around the world. It includes Southeast Asian countries and regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, European countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, and African regions such as South Africa and Ghana.
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